Hi, My name is Reed.

I am a creative strategist who specializes in working with progressive campaigns, advocacy organizations, and nonprofits.

Currently, I am the lead designer for Do Big Things. Previously, I served as Content Designer for 270 Strategies, where I designed and produced social media graphics, emails, and videos for clients like the ACLU, Texas Children’s Hospital, and iVote for America, as well as several electoral campaigns. (I even designed a few billboards!) I came to 270 from a boutique digital firm in Washington, DC where I helped clients like Planned Parenthood, Governor Kate Brown, and EMILY’s List break through the noise with innovative, award-winning web design and ad creative.

Originally from Alabama, I currently live in Chicago with my partner in an apartment where we are vastly outnumbered by plants and books.

Looking to connect? Shoot me an email or follow me on Twitter!